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Network Analysis of Y-Chromosome Types in Europe, North Africa and West Asia Reveal Specific Patterns of Geographical Distribution.

Malaspina, P., Cruciani, F., Ciminelli, B., Terrenato, L., Santolamazza, P., Alonso, A., Baniko, J., Brdicka, R., Garcia, O., Gaudiano, C., Guanti, G., Kidd, K. K., Lavinha, J., Avila, M., Mandich, P., Moral, P., Qamar, R., Mehdi, S. Q., Ragusa, A., Stefanescu, G., Caraghin, M., Tyler-Smith, C., Scozzari, R. and Novelletto, A. 

American J. Human Genetics, 63, 847-860 (1998).

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