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Next generation sequencing-based molecular diagnosis of retinitis pigmentosa: identification of a novel genotype-phenotype correlation and clinical refinements.

Wang, F., Wang, H., Tuan, H-F., Nguyen, D.H., Sun, V., Keser, V., Bowne, S.J., Sullivan, L.S., Luo, H., Zhao, L., Wang, X., Zaneveld, J.E., Salvo, J.S., , S., Mao, L., Wheaton, D.K., Birch, D.G., Branham, K.E., Heckenlively, J.R., Wen, C., Flagg, K., Ferreyra, H., Khan, A., Ren, H., Wang, K., Lopez, I., Qamar, R., Zenteno, J.C., Ayala-Ramirez, , Fu, Q., Simpson, D.A., Li, Y., Sui, R., Silvestri, G., Daiger, S.P., Koenekoop, R.K., Zhang, K. and Chen, R.   Human Genetics, 133:331-345 (2014)

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